Come and enjoy Hinase Oyster-Okonomiyaki
(”Okonomiyaki” is like Japanese-style Pizza.)

If you put oysters into "Okonomiyaki"・・・
 What kind of taste does Oyster-Okonomiyaki have?

As you bite into it
the extract from the oysters spreads around your mouth
and in an instant you are a slave to the wonderful taste.

Hinase is probably the only place in Japan where this many oysters are used in Okonomiyaki.
  The oysters, a specialty of Hinese contain minerals from the Seto Inland Sea.

In Hinase,the Okonomiyaki is full of juicy oysters .

Hinase oyster factory
Kaki(it's means oyster)
-Okonomiyaki is nicknamed "Kakioko"

His name is Kakio Her name is Kakiko

They are the Kakioko Characters.
The characters were designed by a girl of 9 years old.

 The original Hinase way of cooking Okonomiyaki is called "Hinase-Yaki"
It is different to both the Hiroshima and Osaka styles.

Hinase Okonomiyaki is made by mixing julienne cut cabbage with a broth containing flour.
The mixture is then cooked on a hot griddle.10-15 oysters are
then added to the top of the mixture and cooked further.
Then you can enjoy the sweet taste of the cabbage with the juicy oysters.

Hinase is a source of oysters and produces heaps!
The Oysters do not shrink as soon as you start cooking them on the griddle.
This is proof of their freshness.

There are about 13 Okonomiyaki restaurants in Hinase
and you can eat Kaki-Okonomiyaki at 11 of these.
Each restaurant has a different way of cooking the Okonomiyaki
so why not have fun trying out a few.
In Hinase oysters are used often.
They can be used in any recipe but they are especially suited to Okonomiyaki.
Apart from Okonomiyaki you can also enjoy "Oyster Yaki-Udon",
"Negi-Yaki"and "Yasai-Itame".
Incidentally, the oysters are bite size.

What kind of place is Hinase?
Hinase is fishing town located in the south-east of Okayama Prefecture
adjoining Ako City in Hyogo.
It is specialty products are fresh fish and shellfish
from the Seto Inland Sea and mandarin oranges.
Access to Hinase
 It takes about 2 1/2 hours from Osaka to Hinase by train,
and about 1 hour from Okayama Station on the JR Ako-Line.

The "Onesan"(elder sisters) of Hinase.
Whichever restaurant you go to you'll find an "onesan"
who can speak Hinase dialect
Why not learn some dialect while enjoying your Okonomiyaki?
Caution:In Hinase women are called "Onesan"(elder sister) no matter what age,
so take care not to call them "obasan"(aunt).

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